Integrating the Arts


Art and prayer have much in common.  They are
both rooted in an intense encounter involving a surrender of willfulness, openness to inspiration, and lead to a deep engagement with mystery.”



We explore a variety of musical genres that embody the deep spiritual experiences we all share.  Some of our music will come from traditional hymns and others from more modern contexts.

Spinning Liturgy

Liturgy includes the shared rituals of the church over the many years of history.  Liturgical components include communion, a church calendar dated with chosen lectionary passages, and the various traditions shared in the unfolding of the church calendar year.  We hope to re-claim the beauty of historical church liturgy all the while “spinning” it for modern contribution and interpretation.

Creative Prayer: Stations

Our hope is to explore various styles of prayer, some ancient, some new.  Each worship gathering will feature “prayer stations” around the liturgy of the evening.  The stations incorporate words and images from the liturgy and invite participation from the community. We hope to expand one’s understanding and experience of prayer: that prayer can be more than spoken words offered to God.

Welcome local artists

We welcome our hometown artists to share their gifts within the community.