Welcome to Zeteo Houston…

Zeteo (dzay-teh'-o) is a radically inclusive worship gathering for anyone seeking to love God and to follow the transformative ways of Jesus.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, race, religious background, gender identity or sexual orientation.  Our openness is modeled on the life of Jesus, which reveals the love of God for all humankind.


Zeteo is the Greek verb “to seek.”  As such, we devote ourselves to seeking God and the Realm of God in our broken world.  Through the use of ancient and modern Christian practices such as art, prayer, silence, meditation, and dialogue, we desire to build a supportive, visionary community.  Ultimately, we seek to be partners in God’s creative passion for this world, a world of justice, peace, and love. 


Zeteo meets for worship on the second Sunday of each month in the gym of First Christian Church, and childcare is provided.  The Zeteo community also gathers at various times throughout the month to discuss, socialize and serve.  For more information on what’s happening, click Events link.